Time To Be A #Prepper – NASA Confirms White – Red Dwarf Binary Star System – Planet X or Nibiru? #preppertalk

NASA Wise has confirmed the existence of a binary star system that is “particularly surprising”.  Check it out:

If any of the prophecies, legends, stories, tales, tablets, biblical scriptures et al that have pointed out some type of celestial event coming, NASA has certainly confirmed one possibility in space.

Will it fly by us? Is it Nibiru or Planet X? Or is it just another scientific discovery?

I certainly won’t be waiting until the last minute to figure out whether it is or not, but I will be prepping all the way!

Merry Happy Prepping!


Breaking – 8.9 MAG earthquake hits off west coast of north Sumatra, Tsunami Warning in effect

All the alerts are going off this morning.

Sadly an 8.9 magnitude earthquake has been reported hitting the west coast of north Sumatra Aceh Indonesia this morning.  Tsunami warnings are in effect.

Let’s hope that tsunami subsides or doesn’t appear at all.  Further updates, so come back and visit.



NOAA Tsunami Warning


Australia News: