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Drying is the oldest method of preserving food. The early American settlers dried foods such as corn, apple slices, currants, grapes, and meat. Compared with other methods, drying is quite simple. In fact, you may already have most of the equipment on hand. Dried foods keep well because the moisture content is so low that spoilage organisms cannot grow.

Drying will never replace canning and freezing because these methods do a better job of retaining the taste, appearance, and nutritive value of fresh food. But drying is an excellent way to preserve foods that can add variety to meals and provide delicious, nutritious snacks. One of the biggest advantages of dried foods is that they take much less storage space than canned or frozen foods.

Recommended methods for canning and freezing have been determined by research and widespread experience. Home drying, however, does not have firmly established procedures. Food can…

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Walk through a complete safety check of your home.

One of the most important things you can do, especially if you live in an older home, is to make sure certain parts of your home comply with the latest residential building codes. Local building codes were created with your family’s safety in mind. They were designed to prevent an emergency situation from turning into a disaster, such as a house fire.

Here are some other items you should include as part of your safety check:

  • Beds under windows.Move beds out from under windows that may break in the event of an earthquake or falling trees.
  • Beds directly below shelves or hanging lights.The lights or objects on shelves could fall on sleepers below.
  • Beds below heavy mirrors or framed pictures.Heavy objects on the wall will easily fall during an earthquake.
  • Heavy lamps on bedside tables.They could fall over…

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Burglars fear 2 things: being heard and being seen

Smash and grab incidents, break-ins and home invasions have unfortunately, been increasing.  And while many of us still believe it won’t happen to us, it may be best to live by the adage of, “why take a chance”.

So, we’re writing to let you in on an industry secret.  The two rules of thumb all security related businesses look at:

Windows are the most vulnerable place in your house

Always remember that burglars fear two things: being heard, and being seen.

The two most vulnerable areas of homes (and businesses too) are windows and doors.

Knowing this, it may become easier to understand the way a burglar is examining your home.

Windows are the most vulnerable point of entry.  One quick and quiet tap on the glass with a crowbar or hammer, and a thief can easily break in.

This is where Stealth Armour can help increase your home’s security to the maximum.  Our 200 series security laminate, when installed properly, can stop break in entry.  Heck its bullet and bomb rated.

Besides, what burglar is going to stand there and repeatedly hit the window over and over?

Another question to ask yourself is, even if a home camera & alarm system is in place, will it stop an invader from getting in?

This is where our top rated security laminate becomes true armour against the culprits by keeping them out, giving you time to be safe, while waiting for the authorities to come.

Other issues which you should be aware of with your windows and screens is that they may be equipped with the standard, older (sometimes newer) types of screens and window latches. These are often inadequate in deterring a burglar. The common window latch can be opened from the outside with a butter knife and just five seconds; the screens require a penknife and an additional five seconds.  We recommend replacing old equipment and always making sure your windows are locked.

Affordable home security is something to consider carefully.  And when making choices, remember, if a culprit can’t get in, then a culprit can’t get at you, your family or your possessions.

Stealth Armour’s 200 ACE series offers that distinct difference in security as opposed to cameras and alarms, and its even more affordable.

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