Time To Be A #Prepper – NASA Confirms White – Red Dwarf Binary Star System – Planet X or Nibiru? #preppertalk

NASA Wise has confirmed the existence of a binary star system that is “particularly surprising”.  Check it out:

If any of the prophecies, legends, stories, tales, tablets, biblical scriptures et al that have pointed out some type of celestial event coming, NASA has certainly confirmed one possibility in space.

Will it fly by us? Is it Nibiru or Planet X? Or is it just another scientific discovery?

I certainly won’t be waiting until the last minute to figure out whether it is or not, but I will be prepping all the way!

Merry Happy Prepping!


Breaking – 8.9 MAG earthquake hits off west coast of north Sumatra, Tsunami Warning in effect

All the alerts are going off this morning.

Sadly an 8.9 magnitude earthquake has been reported hitting the west coast of north Sumatra Aceh Indonesia this morning.  Tsunami warnings are in effect.

Let’s hope that tsunami subsides or doesn’t appear at all.  Further updates, so come back and visit.



NOAA Tsunami Warning


Australia News:


Security Tips: How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Your children are your treasures and need protection.  They also need to be able to protect themselves.

Teach Kids to Protect Themselves

One of the best ways possible is to teach them the basic safety tips, to keep the lowest risk factor possible against victimization.


Parents and caregivers: the most important thing you can do is to openly communicate and talk about how to be safe, so children do not feel unprepared in case of an emergency. It’s also important to formulate solutions & a plan in the event of different emergencies.


One of the best ways to be prepared is to create & practice plans of action for fire, break-in or any type of possible emergency situation.  Involve your children by asking them their opinions & helping them to understand the best solutions.

For instance, where should the family meet outside if there is a fire?  How does the family escape from each area of the house?  These types of practiced plans can help to reduce confusion, panic & anxiety should an emergency arise.


As well, talking about the following home safety tips and making sure the child understands them is of utmost importance.

  • Never leave the house or yard without getting adult permission.
  • If home alone, never answer the phone or door.  Some parents arrange for code words for family members.
  • Never tell anyone that they are home alone.
  • Do not use any appliance unless an adult is home.
  • Do not use the internet without permission. (Parents need to be sure that the computer has security measures installed.)
  • Never give out personal information or pictures to anyone via the internet or any communication device.
  • Tell a parent or trusted adult if anyone contacts/interacts with them in an uncomfortable manner.
  • Kick, scream, punch & jerk around if anyone ever tries to grab or touch them.
  • Consider family self-defense classes
Communication, family emergency plans and reinforcing safety tips will help to make the difference between your children becoming victims or not.
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