Stealth News: Falling glass shuts down Queen St. Toronto

CP24- Police blotter: Falling glass shuts down Queen St.

A broken window pane on the the 16th floor of a building on Queen Street near University Avenue has caused police to shut down the area to traffic.

Small shards of broken glass fell from the building but nobody was injured.

Police spokesperson Const. Wendy Drummond said authorities were called about the broken glass at 10:24 a.m.

As a safety precaution, they closed off Queen Street between University Avenue and Simcoe Street until the area could be secured. Streetcars are being allowed to pass through but TTC drivers are being told to bybass the the bus stop.

CP24- Police blotter: Falling glass shuts down Queen St..


With Summer Vacations Coming – Is Your Home Safe?

For many people, summer means vacation and a vacation can mean leaving your home for a longer period of time than usual.

Many people who go on vacation wonder if their house will be safe while they are away. When you go on vacation, the last thing you want is a phone call telling you that your house was robbed- or even worse- coming back from vacation and discovering damage and loss. Here are some tips for securing your home.

    • Before you leave, check every door and window to make sure that everything is locked and sealed, including your garage door, shed, and basement windows. Also, make sure that you have no spare keys lying around that are “hidden” under a mat or under a rock. Burglars know where to look and a key gives them easy access. If you have a sliding window or door, put a piece of wood or a long metal rod on the track so that it can’t be pushed open.
    • Set timers on lights outside of your house. The darker it is outside your house, the more appealing it is going to be for burglars because they cannot be seen. Also, timers help give the impression that someone is home.
    • Make sure that your newspapers and mail are picked up or put on hold. If papers and mail are piled up outside your house, it is obvious that someone has not been home for a while.
    • Leave some blinds or drapes open. If your house is completely closed off, it is going to look like no one is there. If you make it appear more normal, it is less obvious that you are away.
    • Arrange to have a trusted family member, neighbour or friend to check on your home. Even if it means having them going into the house to water the plants, they can take a peek around to make sure that everything is okay.
    • Going on a vacation is an excellent reminder to ensure you have an updated inventory of household goods which may include appliances, jewellery, firearms, and other valued items.
    • If you have any cash, jewellery, or any other valuables in your home, take them out and put them in a safety deposit box. It costs money for this service, but it is far better than if someone were to break into your home and find your valuables.

  • If you are a firearms owner, please ensure you secure and store all firearms in accordance with the Firearms Act and Regulations.
  • Set timers on electronics inside your house. Put one on a lamp or even a radio. If someone is watching your home and sees that there is no activity going on inside your house, it is a clear indicator that you are not home.
  • Make sure that your home security system is on. Don’t forget to tell your friend or family member the code so that they do not set off the alarm when they check on your home.
  • Consider security laminates.  Intruders do not want to be seen or heard. Quality security laminates will stop burglars – consider this, what intruder is going to stand there beating multiple times on a window?

A vacation is supposed to be a relaxing time. There is no reason why you should have to spend time worrying about the safety of your home, as long as you make sure to take the necessary precautions.

Assess — Then Address

Assessing your home’s security is an important initial step in crime prevention. Essentially, your home should look protected, well-maintained and appear to be occupied at all times.

source: Public Safety Canada; RCMP

Security Tips: How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Your children are your treasures and need protection.  They also need to be able to protect themselves.

Teach Kids to Protect Themselves

One of the best ways possible is to teach them the basic safety tips, to keep the lowest risk factor possible against victimization.


Parents and caregivers: the most important thing you can do is to openly communicate and talk about how to be safe, so children do not feel unprepared in case of an emergency. It’s also important to formulate solutions & a plan in the event of different emergencies.


One of the best ways to be prepared is to create & practice plans of action for fire, break-in or any type of possible emergency situation.  Involve your children by asking them their opinions & helping them to understand the best solutions.

For instance, where should the family meet outside if there is a fire?  How does the family escape from each area of the house?  These types of practiced plans can help to reduce confusion, panic & anxiety should an emergency arise.


As well, talking about the following home safety tips and making sure the child understands them is of utmost importance.

  • Never leave the house or yard without getting adult permission.
  • If home alone, never answer the phone or door.  Some parents arrange for code words for family members.
  • Never tell anyone that they are home alone.
  • Do not use any appliance unless an adult is home.
  • Do not use the internet without permission. (Parents need to be sure that the computer has security measures installed.)
  • Never give out personal information or pictures to anyone via the internet or any communication device.
  • Tell a parent or trusted adult if anyone contacts/interacts with them in an uncomfortable manner.
  • Kick, scream, punch & jerk around if anyone ever tries to grab or touch them.
  • Consider family self-defense classes
Communication, family emergency plans and reinforcing safety tips will help to make the difference between your children becoming victims or not.
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Burglars fear 2 things: being heard and being seen

Smash and grab incidents, break-ins and home invasions have unfortunately, been increasing.  And while many of us still believe it won’t happen to us, it may be best to live by the adage of, “why take a chance”.

So, we’re writing to let you in on an industry secret.  The two rules of thumb all security related businesses look at:

Windows are the most vulnerable place in your house

Always remember that burglars fear two things: being heard, and being seen.

The two most vulnerable areas of homes (and businesses too) are windows and doors.

Knowing this, it may become easier to understand the way a burglar is examining your home.

Windows are the most vulnerable point of entry.  One quick and quiet tap on the glass with a crowbar or hammer, and a thief can easily break in.

This is where Stealth Armour can help increase your home’s security to the maximum.  Our 200 series security laminate, when installed properly, can stop break in entry.  Heck its bullet and bomb rated.

Besides, what burglar is going to stand there and repeatedly hit the window over and over?

Another question to ask yourself is, even if a home camera & alarm system is in place, will it stop an invader from getting in?

This is where our top rated security laminate becomes true armour against the culprits by keeping them out, giving you time to be safe, while waiting for the authorities to come.

Other issues which you should be aware of with your windows and screens is that they may be equipped with the standard, older (sometimes newer) types of screens and window latches. These are often inadequate in deterring a burglar. The common window latch can be opened from the outside with a butter knife and just five seconds; the screens require a penknife and an additional five seconds.  We recommend replacing old equipment and always making sure your windows are locked.

Affordable home security is something to consider carefully.  And when making choices, remember, if a culprit can’t get in, then a culprit can’t get at you, your family or your possessions.

Stealth Armour’s 200 ACE series offers that distinct difference in security as opposed to cameras and alarms, and its even more affordable.

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