About Stealth Armour

Firstly, in this blog you will find free tips, suggestions and ideas, not only about home & business security but also about resilience and preparation planning.

There are an amazingly smart amount of people out there who understand how difficult times are, and how much more difficult it appears they may get.

So for me its like this:  I was a Brownie & Girl Guide.  Motto:  BE PREPARED.

I’m older now, so the question in my mind has become, “Be prepared for WHAT?”.


So, step by step, watching this world unfold for the past dare I say 40 or so years, I have experienced things like:

Being caught in a major power out in the middle of downtown Toronto (and across North America) at 4:22 pm in the afternoon, 6 months pregnant, stuck on the 11th floor of an office building with less than 1/4 tank of gas to get from there to Etobicoke.

(That’s a bit of a drive at anytime of the day, but imagine the confusion of a complete power out at rush hour in a downtown area that holds millions of people. People that can’t use public transportation. At rush hour. People that are wondering what is going on. People that can’t use cell phones. People confused everywhere you can see.)

I survived.  And learned from it.

I have also been a professional live performing artist that has been out in the public, touring from Ontario to Quebec to Nova Scotia to Los Angeles to Buffalo and more.  Security of the female models as well as myself has always been essential, and we have dealt with issues (both online and off) such as stalkers and bodily threats and personal security including body guards.

I survive. And still learn from it.

And further to that, at home and in private, we’ve had our truck stolen and we had a break and enter.  In fact, we had more than one.

We are now prepared for things like this, and more.

It’s not about doomsday, its about understanding an eventual possibility of any hostile and emergency situation and how to become better prepared.

We never want anything to happen to you and hopefully nothing ever will. But, maybe you should all consider this question, “Why take a chance?”.

That is why we are doing what we are doing.   We want to help support, teach, learn from others and exchange information that can provide logical planning for any emergency. Plus provide a service to the public that can be of assistance in “prepping”.

So, asides from providing information and promoting other preppers & their businesses or ideas or blogs and whatever other information is available, this is:

Who We Are

Stealth Armour is 2 people dedicated to solving your prepping needs, especially when it come to self-sufficiency in your home.

We can help you create a plan and strategize for the future; window-farming, off-season growing, hiding your valuables, what types of security laminates are best or recommended – the questions are endless & we can connect you to answers.

As an example, we sell secret compartment books. Stealth Armoured Book Boxes are an excellent way to hide valuables – in plain sight.  Our hollow book boxes are real, hardcover books and can also be used as a unique way to wrap up a special gift. Email us for information & details at stealtharmour@gmail.com

stealtharmour@gmail.com for more information


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